garden design

Need help with landscaping your property in the Coromandel New Zealand?

Let the team at Orange Scape Design solve your landscaping problems with creative, innovative and functional design.

We create exceptionally successful coastal landscapes that are low maintenance, long lasting and sustainable. We believe in attention to detail in all our designs and creating pleasant, liveable spaces for you to use and enjoy.

"Eleanor just designed and planted out our entire site in a new build. We are so delighted with the range of plants and the arrangement of them and they are all coastal hardy. We could never have acheived this result and can't wait to see them grow. Money well spent."

- Yvonne Rainbow

Good landscape design is about working with the architecture of a house and the personality of the client to create a piece of paradise...

...and that piece of paradise will be enhanced with the sensitive integration of native plants and selected exotics for seasonal
change and colour.

Eleanor Kern graduated top of her class in 2012 for a Certificate in Home Garden Design, and completed her Diploma in Landscape Design in 2015. 


A trend at the moment in England is to keep parts of public parks unmowed and see what happens. It helps with bees and other insect life, birds etc. Here is a post about one such place that has been left untouched right in London, an old cemetery.